Why Email Hosting Required to Any Brand / Company ???

A brand or business needs email hosting in order to have a customized and professional email address, such as "," as opposed to a generic email address from a free email service. In addition, it offers extra features like boosted storage space, security, and command over the email server. A professional email address can also increase credibility and convey a sense of professionalism to clients and business partners.

NP IT Solutions help our clients

How does NP IT Solutions help our clients with business email hosting?

NP IT SOLUTIONS offers a range of services, including the following, to assist its clients with business email hosting:

Setting up and configuring email accounts for the client's business domain, such as ""

enabling webmail access and interoperability with email applications like Microsoft Outlook so that users may access their email from any location.

offering extra features to make sure the client's emails are safe and quickly recoverable in case of an emergency. These features include improved storage space, security, and backup choices.

assisting consumers with technical support and troubleshooting for any problems they could encounter with their email accounts.

Providing additional services like spam and virus filtering, which can help protect clients from unwanted emails and email-borne malware.

supplying a full-featured email hosting solution with the option of integration with additional tools like calendar, task, contact, and more.

Overall, by offering a dependable, secure, and scalable solution that is tailored to each client's unique business requirements, NP IT SOLUTIONS can assist its clients with business email hosting.

"All the terms and conditions governing NP IT SOLUTIONS Products and Services.. "

NP IT SOLUTIONS is dedicated to providing top-notch assistance from the ground up. The following agreements are crucial to ensuring that we can continue providing each of our clients with the best possible help while also upholding our moral and legal commitments. Account termination without warning is guaranteed in the event that any terms or conditions are not met. When it comes to determining what constitutes a violation of any of these agreements, NP IT SOLUTIONS shall be the only arbitrator. Any action that results in a record being suspended or deactivated will result in the forfeiture of all fees. Concerns raised regarding mishandling of a record will be investigated, and if found to be responsible, there will be

General Queries

  • Illegal Usage

    NP IT SOLUTIONS servers might be utilized for legal purposes as it were. Transmission, stockpiling, or circulation of any data, information or material disregarding any appropriate regulation or guideline is prohibited(Any kind of packed document arrangement and Sound/Video records). This incorporates, however isn't restricted to: protected material, brand name, proprietary advantage or other licensed innovation right utilized without legitimate approval, and material that is profane, slanderous, is an unlawful danger, or abuses trade control regulations. Instances of non-satisfactory substance or connections: Pilfered programming, Programmers projects or files, Warez locales, MP3, and IRC bots. The endorser of NP IT SOLUTIONS administration consents to indentify and hold innocuous NP IT SOLUTIONS from any cases coming about because of the utilization of the assistance that harms the supporter or some other party. NP IT SOLUTIONS will be the sole mediator regarding what comprises an infringement of this arrangement.

  • Adult Content

    Legitimate Grown-up Satisfied is permitted.

  • Security

    Violating the organization's security policy or structure is prohibited and can result in both criminal and collective liability. Models include, but are not limited to, the following: Unauthorized use, testing, access, or sweep of data, traffic, or security or verification measures within a framework. Impedance with administration to any client, host, or organization, including but not limited to broadcast attacks, flooding, mail blitzing, and deliberate attempts to overload a system. Any TCP-IP packet header or header data fragment in an email or newsgroup article can be fashioned.

  • Server Asset

    Any site that uses a lot of waiter resources, such as memory usage, computer chip time, and organizational resources, will be offered the option to either reduce the amount of resources used to an acceptable level or pay more for a dedicated or semi-committed waiter, depending on the resources needed. The only party mediating what is considered a high server utilization level will be NP IT SOLUTIONS.

  • Discussion channels / Chat Rooms

    NP IT SOLUTIONS doesn't give discussion channel programming. You might choose for a Devoted Server to Run a discussion channel productively.

  • Foundation Running Projects / Background Running Programs

    Foundation Daemons such as eggdrop, BitchX, XiRCON, IRC bots, and any other program that impedes regular server operations are not allowed by NP IT SOLUTIONS. IRC or IRC bots are not allowed to be operated on our systems by IRC NP IT SOLUTIONS.

  • Backups

    Weekly incremental backups are performed by NP IT SOLUTIONS on every server to ensure that essential data is rarely lost. In any case, NP IT SOLUTIONS is not responsible for any lost data, time, money, or other assets as a result of subpar or nonexistent backups. Reinforcement of suspended records or records suspended due to non-payment is not provided by us. For overt repetition, kindly reinforce your own information on a regular basis. We have limited the programmed reinforcement for record sizes from 5GB to 10GB transition from one server to another due to the large amount of information and asset utilization during the reinforcement procedure. If a client has a larger account than this, NP IT SOLUTIONS does not support it and the record owner is solely responsible for it.

  • Ideal or irrelevant Backups/ File storage

    Every month, NP IT SOLUTIONS reviews every server to ensure that the web space provided under hosting packages is only used for directly relevant and directly connected website content. Ideal (unlinked/unimportant information/documents) records are not allowed to be stored on facilitating accounts by NP IT SOLUTIONS. In any case, NP IT SOLUTIONS alerts the end user and gives them the option to download and remove "Ideal or unimportant Backups/Document stockpiling." The user is responsible for removing such data from the server. If the client has not taken this into consideration, the hostripple group will suspend the facilitating bundle and completely remove the information from the server with little to no backup. If such a conduct occurs, the client will be responsible and NP

  • Client Obligation / Client Responsibility

    Except in cases where it is shown that the client was the victim of outside hacking or address falsification, the client is responsible for all efforts made after the record. It is the client's responsibility to obtain their username and secret phrase. All content on their website that could be added by an outside party is owned by the customer (for example, the usage of Wide open connections pages). Using the administration of NP IT SOLUTIONS necessitates a certain level of familiarity with Web programming, protocols, and dialects. The degree of information varies depending on how the client intends to use and fill the online space. It advertises the models that go with it: Web distribution calls for knowledge of HTML, identifying and connecting reports suitably, FTPing web contents, designs, text, and music.

  • UCE (Unsolicited Commerce Email) - SPAM

    It is strictly forbidden to send unsolicited bulk emails from or through an NP IT SOLUTIONS server or to use an email address that is maintained on an NP IT SOLUTIONS computer for spamming purposes. In determining what constitutes a violation of this agreement, NP IT SOLUTIONS will act as the exclusive mediator. If you participate in any of the earlier activities with the assistance of another ISP or IPP, but you route the exercises via an NP IT SOLUTIONS server as a maildrop for responses, you are violating the rules. Violators will face a prompt suspension in addition to a fine of at least $200.00. For more nuances, see our NO SPAM Strategy.

  • Server misuse / Server abuse

    Any attempt to seriously harm or sabotage a server or customer of NP IT SOLUTIONS is strictly prohibited. All of NP IT SOLUTIONS's subsidiaries and committed servers must adhere to the aforementioned agreements. Account deactivation occurs when any of the aforementioned guidelines are not met or followed. We reserve the right to remove any record at any time without prior notice.

  • Software Distribution

    The common Web Facilitating accounts of NP IT SOLUTIONS are not to be used for the purpose of distributing programming or visual and audio materials. If it's not too much bother, get in touch with sales@NP IT for a great plan if you want to send programming or perhaps media materials.

  • Media Records / Multimedia Files

    Visual, audio, and video documents are all considered media records. The Internet Facilitating accounts of NP IT SOLUTIONS are not to be used for the purpose of distributing or storing unusual amounts of mixed media documents. Any site that uses more than 70% of its total circular space for storing media records—either in terms of overall size or quantity of documents—will be deemed to use unusually high levels of sight and sound documents.

  • Domain Names

    When mentioned, NP IT SOLUTIONS will go above and above to provide area names in the client's best interest. Nevertheless, it is the client's responsibility to recharge their space names. Because NP IT SOLUTIONS neglected to recharge space names, they lack a sense of ownership. If our organization enlisted your space name, you should verify and take the necessary action to recover the area before it ends. Restorations are not handled by us unless specifically requested by providing a pass to our helpdesk.

  • Change In Hosting Domain Name

    The client is responsible for refreshing any necessary modifications. NP IT SOLUTIONS will allow the client to update the partner area name of the facilitating bundle join with us. However, changes made to the space name will not be reflected in the coding of the client information or data set. These advancements in the area name of the associated facilitating bundle will be allowed several times for that bundle; thereafter, the client will be required to pay the nominal fees in order to modify the area name associated with the facilitating bundle.

  • Complicated Migration/Upgrade/Downgrade

    With the exception of situations where no complexity or modification is required to complete the relocation, NP IT SOLUTIONS will actually do Free Movement, Overhaul, and Minimization. If NP IT SOLUTIONS anticipates needing expert assistance to complete these challenging tasks, it may apply fees for the relocation, updating, or minimization processes.

  • Actions Taken by NP IT SOLUTIONS

    Account deactivation is justified when a client fails to comply with any of the aforementioned terms or strategies. Regarding what constitutes an AUP infringement, NP IT SOLUTIONS shall act as the exclusive arbiter. NP IT SOLUTIONS asserts complete authority to remove any record without providing prior notice. NP IT SOLUTIONS will begin an investigation as soon as it becomes aware of a purported violation of the AUP. In order to prevent additional, potentially unauthorized action, NP IT SOLUTIONS may restrict a client's access during the evaluation. NP IT SOLUTIONS may, in its sole discretion, limit, suspend, or terminate a client's web facilitating account in accordance with the severity of the violation or maybe pursue other widely accepted remedies. In case it happens

  • Modification

    NP IT SOLUTIONS maintains whatever authority is needed to add, erase, or change any arrangement of this Approach whenever without notice.

  • Refusal Of Service

    We claim all authority to reject, drop, or suspend administration at our only carefulness inside human explanation.

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